Secondary 1 Free Test Papers

After PSLE, the next challenge students face would be to start their journey as a secondary student. This proves to be challenging initially, especially when students need to balance between their academics and their school CCAs (Co-Curriculum Activities).

As students get into Secondary school, they are encouraged to do independent learning, different from when they were still in primary school. With the Secondary 1 Free Test Papers we provided, practice could be more efficient for students. Students can practice and revise using the past year papers from various secondary schools in Singapore. They also include answer scripts for reference.

Secondary 1 is an important year for students to start their secondary education. Building a good foundation is crucial to his/her following years in secondary school. If you find your child to be struggling at the beginning, it would be a good idea to find help early.

Secondary 2 Free Test Papers

As a secondary 2 student, you would have adjusted better to the secondary school education after going through secondary 1. You now know the importance of practice and revision to ace your Examinations. The secondary 2 Final Examinations will also affect your chances of choosing your O-Levels subject combination. Our Secondary 2 Free Test Papers will help as an additional practice and revision for you to ace your examinations!

Secondary 3 Free Test Papers

As you get into upper secondary, you will need to start thoroughly preparing for your O Levels Examinations. Utilize your time efficiently in secondary 3 and prepare well for the upcoming Secondary 4 syllabus. Use our Secondary 3 Free Test Papers to practice and revise for your school test! 

If you feel you need extra help to cope with your studies do contact us and we will do our best to help :)