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“Our aim is to instil great minds in students via effective home tuitions”

Mindworks Tuition is one of the industry-leading home tuition agencies in Singapore and many parents consider Mindworks Tuition as the most reliable home tuition agency in Singapore. Mindworks’ team serves every parent and student with sincerity. With one of the largest tutor databases and a team of dedicated tuition coordinators, we aim to help every client find a suitable home tutor within 24 hours.

At Mindworks Tuition, we don’t just believe in the effectiveness of tutoring, we believe in the power of a positive mind and the joy of learning. We believe that we can find every student a suitable tutor and will always serve our clients with happiness, enthusiasm, and love.

In general, our services are 100% free and we only collect agency commissions from our home tutors directly. However, in the event of ad-hoc tuitions (short-term), we will impose a one-time admin fee on the client and ask the client to pay to the tutor directly.

We are confident to match our clients with the most suitable, qualified and committed home tutors. All you need to do is fill in our online request form

Making a difference in your child’s academic learning

As a leading home tuition agency in Singapore, serving every client faithfully is the heart of what we do, and we also care about every client’s child’s education. Our team has helped over 5000 parents find suitable home tutors over the last 5 years, resolving their urgent needs of hiring a private tutor to teach their children.

Confucius said, “There should be education for everyone without distinction.” This is our belief. At Mindworks Tuition, we have one goal in mind – to recommend our clients with a qualified home tutor within their budgets effectively and efficiently. We aim to send every client suitable tutor profile in 24 hours.

Why Private Home Tuition in Singapore?

With the increasing competition among students in Singapore, home tuitions are becoming necessary to almost every student in Singapore. Nowadays, students have more extra-curriculum activities in school. Having home tuitions will help them manage their study time more effectively as the home tutors can instil their experience of learning effectively to their students during the home tuitions.

Moreover, in schools, the school teachers cannot cater to the needs of every student. Some children are still too young to discipline themselves in schools. Therefore, they cannot learn well through the lessons in their schools. Some students are too shy to ask questions during the regular lessons in school. Overtime, they will find themselves difficult to catch up with the school’s curriculum.

In Singapore, it is an undeniable fact that those who have good results in PSLE, O level and A levels have a greater chance of being successful in their future careers. They will have the chance of going to the top universities in the world, studying top courses such as law, medicine and business, and having a job with higher salary after graduation.

We recognize the growing importance and difficulty in finding good tutors, hence we started hiring tutors and eventually founded Mindworks Tuition Agency – to help serve all students in Singapore by helping them to receive the most suitable private home tuition in Singapore.

Where Are Our Home Tutors From?

We find private home tutors through our online advertisements, referrals from our home tutors and other effective channels. More than 20000 home tutors have registered on our website over the last 3 years.

Our tutor database has tutors ranging from undergraduate tutors with excellent academic results to current MOE school teachers. We maintain our tutor database regularly to ensure the qualify of our home tutors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to recommend every parent / student a qualified, affordable home tutor efficiently and effectively. We aim to become the most reliable home tuition agency in Singapore. We will share you with the strength and weaknesses of every home tutor. No gimmicks, and no hidden charges, just a suitable home tutor!

We can achieve this mission by being responsible, providing our clients with excellent customer service and having ethical business practices towards our clients & tutors. We will screen our home tutors carefully and advise them to improve in every lesson and commit to their students.

If you are seeking for a private tutor in Singapore, please do not hesitate to send us a tutor request now.

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Mindworks Tuition is one of the industry-leading home tuition agencies in Singapore and many parents consider Mindworks Tuition as the most reliable home tuition agency in Singapore.


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