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Our Story

MindWorks is one of the most reliable and trustworthy tuition agencies in Singapore, with over 26,000 tutors who are carefully screened on their merit and credentials. With an empathetic and people-centred focus, we can quickly and easily help you find the right tutor for your child’s needs. We believe in the vast potential of Singaporean students, and with our extensive experience in the education industry, we know we can find the best tutor that can help your child make his/her dreams a reality.

We are proud to be listed in

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Nurturing Brilliance 

Mindworks was founded by humanistic educators, Young and Alice in 2014. Having mentored students for many years, they realised the secrets of fostering students’ potential through nurturing a culture of joyful learning  and resilience in their classes. Passionate to drive  learning forward, Young and Alice now work untiringly to provide Singaporean students’ with the right tutors who don’t just teach PSLE, GCE O-levels, and GCE A-level subjects exceptionally well, but who can also mentor them to grow every day, become excellent students, and principled people. 

Secondary chemistry student in Singapore

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every student finds joy and purpose in their learning. At MindWorks, we promise to find you the tutors that can serve as mentors and role models, to instill in you a deep love of learning and an insatiable curiosity. 


We are working towards this vision by providing affordable and high quality tuition experiences to every child in Singapore. As academic syllabus become more challenging and obtaining high scores becomes more competitive, one-on-one home tuition can make the crucial difference in your future success, which is why MindWorks works around the clock to find you the right tutor within 24 hours at the best prices possible. 


Our Mission

For Parents and Students: 

Our mission at MindWorks is to be the bridge that can take you from where you are today to your future success by quickly, efficiently, and lovingly finding the best tutor based on your needs. We nurture brilliance by recognising the unique qualities in your child and connecting him/her to the tutor who can provide the most meaningful tuition experiences in Singapore.

For Tutors: 

MindWorks provides a credible home  to educators from all backgrounds who are passionate about mentoring their students and creating lasting change in the world through imparting their knowledge and expertise to nurture brilliance in Singapore’s youth.


Our Team


Tutor Young

Tutor Young is the founder of MindWorks Tuition and a humanistic educator with over six years of full-time tutoring experience in math and science subjects for secondary school, IP, IGCSE, and JC students. A graduate of Singapore Management University, he has extensive knowledge about the Singapore education system, students’ tutoring needs, and tutoring best practices. Under his guidance and expertise, MindWorks has become the most reliable and trustworthy tuition agency in Singapore, which consistently provides high-quality service by finding the perfect tutors for all students. As a futuristic thinker and an empathetic leader, Tutor Young specialises in peoples’ development to provide meaningful services to both the students and his team at MindWorks.


Tutor Alice

Co-founder of MindWorks and a graduate of Nanyang Technological University, Tutor Alice has been a full-time tutor for over ten years, gaining expertise in teaching secondary, IP, IGCSE, IB and JC Syllabi in chemistry and biology. With her thoughtful and charming personality, she can see well beyond societal conventions to understand the meaning of life and her students’ needs. By building a deep and meaningful connection with them, she delivers lessons that help her children grow beyond academic excellence towards becoming responsible, joyful citizens, a quality we look for in all our tutors here at MindWorks. Her vision for MindWorks is evident in her work ethic: to be the bridge connecting parents to qualified tutors who are genuinely vested in their students’ holistic well-being. She strongly believes in cultivating a growth mindset to nurture the innate potential in children and lead them towards their dreams in a loving and accepting manner to one day contribute to society in a fulfilling way.


Jessy Shi 

Jessy is a driven individual known for her immaculate work ethic. A graduate of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, she has a comprehensive understanding of the competencies and skills needed to achieve academic excellence. At MindWorks, she believes in going the extra mile through her meticulous work in carefully ascertaining tutors’ credentials, credibility and past performance. With exemplary communication and problem-solving skills, she provides empathetic service to build synergy with parents, tutors, and team members to maximise potential, achievement, and success.  

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Charis is a highly motivated and focused individual who has already become an integral member of the team in her first few months of starting at MindWorks. Having studied at a top secondary school in Singapore and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, Charis has an extensive understanding of the subtleties and nuances in Singapore’s education system. When paired with her joyful and serene presence, she efficiently helps connect the dots by building sincere and long-lasting relationships with our clients by finding them the right tutor. Nothing gives her more satisfaction and purpose in life than caring for her family and seeing the exponential progress and growth of all students who find their perfect tutor through MindWorks



At Mindworks Tuition, we don’t just believe in the effectiveness of tutoring, we believe in the power of a positive mind and the joy of learning. We believe that we can find every student a suitable tutor and will always serve our clients with happiness, enthusiasm, and love.

In general, our services are 100% free and we only collect agency commissions from our home tutors directly. However, in the event of ad-hoc tuitions (short-term), we will impose a one-time admin fee on the client and ask the client to pay to the tutor directly.

We are confident to match our clients with the most suitable, qualified and committed home tutors. All you need to do is fill in our online request form

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