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Your Journey in Finding a Tutor...

Welcome to Mindworks Tuition Agency. We are going to guide you through the journey of finding a tutor. Let’s get started!

📍Start finding a tutor!

If you are new to tutor-matching service, you are welcomed to call us (+65 85000358) or text us via WhatsApp for a free consultation.

In the phone call, we will introduce you our service, ask for information to make a request and answer your inquiries. Or you can fill in an online form to send us your request. The form includes the information we need to recommend a suitable tutor for you.

  • [Level and subject]: We will find tutors that achieved a good grade, experienced and specialized in the subject

  • [Location for tuition]: We will find tutors that live near the location because most tutors prefer to deliver lessons in nearby areas. The risk of tutors being late due to transportation issues is reduced as well.

  • [Preferred tuition lessons’ schedule (Frequency/Duration/Availble time slots)]: We will find tutors that suits most of your timing requirements so that your kids can start lessons ASAP and new assignment do not affect your existing schedule.

  • [Budget on tuition fee & Preference on tutor’s background]: We will find the tutor that have the nearest rate and background to yours. (If you want to know the updated market rate of a tutor with your preferred qualifications, you may call or or visit our page: “Tuition rate”!😆)

📍Confirm on requirements?

When you have sent us a request, we will call you shortly for clarifications.If you are not free to pickup phone calls, you may write this down in “Other Requirements” box. We will then contact you via WhatsApp.

In the phone call, we clarify your information and give you recommendations to find a better fit.

If it is necessary, we can explain our commission and payment structure. We don’t charge parents, we only charge commission on tutors. So, no worries!


When your request is confirmed, we will proceed to the matching process. We have our own system and database to match for you according to:

- Age

- Living area

- Qualifications

- Years of experience

- PSLE/O-level/A-level grades

- Preferred rates

Then we will set up a WhatsApp group with you and our staff and shortlist tutors who match your requirements. Usually, you will get at least 2 profiles in the group. Then, you can select the tutor based on your preference.

*If you want to have a chat with tutors before your decide, 3-way calls can be arranged.

📍Time to have our lessons.

After confirmations on tuition arrangements between you and tutors, we will collect 2 week’s tuition fee beforehand. The contacts of tutors will then be sent to you a few hours before the first lesson started.

You will receive a reminder before the first lesson and a message for after lesson feedback. Feedbacks help our tutors to improve their teaching and help us to improve our matching service. If needed, you can terminate the lessons within the first two lessons, the remaining tuition fee is returned to you and we will help you find another tutor.

🔚Before our service ends

When 4 weeks of tuition has ended, you may continue the lessons and directly communicate with tutors. Unless you want to find another tutor to replace or request for new tuition assignments,

THEN, our journey has ended.

If you are interested to embark on a new journey with us,

you can fill in the tutor request form!

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