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What Are the Steps in Finding a Tutor With Mindworks?

In this post, we will go through the steps in finding a tutor with Mindworks so you are aware of what to expect.

1. Inform Mindworks Your Requirements

The process starts when you inform us of your requirements for the tutor.

The basic information includes

  • Level and subject

  • Location for tuition (if you would consider online tuition)

  • Frequency and duration of lessons

  • Student’s available timing

  • Any preference for the tutor gender or qualifications.

  • Your budget for the tutor's rate

There are different types of tutors and each type of tutor command different rates. You may let us know your budget and we could recommend the best type of tutor for you.

2. Mindworks Shortlist Suitable Tutors for you

After you have provided us with this information, we will start contacting the tutors that fit your requirements immediately.

When there are interested tutors, we will collate and shortlist the tutors and send their information to you for your considerations. This process typically takes less than 24 hours, but it may be longer if your requirements are more specific.

3. You Decide Which Tutor Profile to Select

Once you have selected the tutor you prefer, we will arrange for the start date for the lesson.

If you find the tutor not suitable after the first few lessons, you may let us know and we will terminate the subsequent lessons with the tutor.

We will help you settle with the tutor, and you only need to pay for the lessons that the tutor has conducted. We would also help you find a replacement tutor.

4. Arrange Subsequent Lessons with the Tutor

If you find the tutor suitable for your child, you would pay the first 2 weeks of the lesson to Mindworks and pay the tutor directly from the third week onwards.

There is no additional agency fee you need to pay for our service, you only need to pay for the lessons conducted.

If you have further questions you would like to clarify, do let us know via Whatsapp (85000358) and our coordinators will be happy to help!

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