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Top 5 Reasons for Engaging A Tuition Agency

After you have spent so much time reading through all those articles about sending children to tuition centers or hiring private tutors, you may have finally decided on engaging a private tutor. However, soon you will find out that this is just the

beginning if you are not well guided. If you were to look for a tutor via your personal connections, you may have spent a lot more time and money needed in the searching and matching process than required.

Foreseeing the possible inconvenience in finding tutors, tuition agency is here to help connect you with suitable tutors efficiently.

Top 5 Reasons for finding a tuition agency
Top 5 Reasons for finding a tuition agency

1 You save a lot of time and efforts

In Singapore , the majority of Singaporeans are living a hectic life. The task seems to be simple – Finding a suitable tutor. However, there are many factors involved. You may find it hard to find a tutor that matches all your needs such as location, timing, price and specific teaching experience.

You may experience paying tuition fees for a couple of lessons and it turns out the tutor does not suit your needs and you need to find a new one. Agencies can find you the suitable fit quickly, FOR FREE! We have our own systems and past experiences to integrate your needs and tutors’ characteristics so we offer you suitable tutors. Rather than asking, searching, contacting, liaising, clarifying, negotiating, and arranging with the tutors, you just need to spend a minute to fill in a form and your needs will be taken care of.

Mindworks Tuition agency is experienced in matching and we have a streamlined process to help you out. You will be able to select a tutor of your choice without spending a lot of time and effort.

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2 You will have choices readily at your table

Experienced tuition agencies that have run over 8 years accumulated a HUGE number of connections with tutors of different teaching styles and specialized subjects. Therefore, agencies are about finding one name in our long lists that ticks all your boxes.

Taking Mindworks as an example, our database is over 28,000 tutors. Usually you will get at least 2 tutors who can match your requirements.

3 You will have a peace of mind with tutors who have been verified

Tutors will register with tuition agencies first, necessary background checks and certificate verifications would have been performed. We will ask feedbacks on how lessons go after the lessons engaging to new tutors. These feedbacks will contribute to future recommendation factors. Only tutors with good track records and review, like caring, punctual and responsible etc., are shortlisted.

Especially, Mindworks has been building our tutor network for more than 8 years, many of our tutors have developed a nice reputation. If you would like to be more assured, you can request tutors bring along their certificates and credentials at the 1st lesson as well.

Build a network, analysis, review

4 Your arrangement will be taken care of professionally

Professional, Take care of you, help parents

Sometimes, parents or tutors may not know how to start off their conversation, especially topics like tuition fees, verification of certificates and background checks . If you really want to hire a tutor with an unexpected price and schedule, tuition agency will help negotiate between both parties and figure out a

win-win situation.

When you engage a tuition agency, the process has been streamlined so that you will have less “round abouts”. For example, tuition agencies consider your budget and time slot as some of the matching criteria at the beginning, so there will be less changes required during the negotiation process.

5 You will get the best deal

“What is your expectation of your tutors? How much is your budget? ”are asked before the tutor searching process. Tuition agencies have updated first-hand information of the tuition market in Singapore (since we work in this industry every day XD). We will discuss with you about your needs and desired budgets during our consultation. So that your request is attractive to tutors and you are not overpaying.

Also, no worries about paying for our service, it is free.

✆You can call +65 85000838 (or via Whatsapp) for our free phone consultation!

With just a few clicks in a minute, tuition agencies are going to give you a tutor that matches your expectation the most efficiently. You save time and money on finding a suitable tutor and we manage all arrangements for you. So why don't you give it a try? If you are interested in giving it a try, click here to fill in the form or here for the process of request.

We, Mindworks Tuition Agency, have more than 28,000 tutors. You will receive at least 2 choices within 24 hours.

You may call us if you have any inquiries and we are glad to help!

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