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Ways of getting your child tutors

We all have been concerned about our children’s study, but how can we get the appropriate type of tutor we exactly want? Take a look at the following ways and different types of tutors.

Tuition agency helps find tutors for your child.

Tuition Agency

Finding tutors with the help of tuition agencies is almost the most common way for you to get your child a tutor in Singapore. A tuition agency can provide many conveniences and help connect you with suitable tutors efficiently.

To find out more about the reasons for engaging a tuition agency, take a look at this article:

Top 5 Reasons for Engaging A Tuition Agency

Types of tutors you can find via tuition agency

Elementary tutors

  • For elementary-aged children.

  • Help them meet increasingly difficult learning needs. Teach such as math, reading, science, social studies and even art and music.

Subject Tutors

  • For secondary school or above students.

  • Help them learn their more specialized academic subjects better.

Specialty Subject Tutors

  • For secondary school students, JC students, Polytechnic students, and university students.

  • Provide extra help in one specific subject, such as English, Maths, Sciences, Business, Economics, Programming, etc.

Homework Help Tutors

  • For students who have a hard time keeping on track with homework.

  • Assist students in completing their homework on one or more subjects and can also teach helpful homework skills such as time management.

Learning Disability Tutors

  • For students with special needs. For example, students with dyslexia, processing deficits, etc.

  • Assist students with special needs to improve their learning using special strategies.

You can state all your requirements for your ideal tutor to us agency, including level, subject, duration, and tutor’s experience and qualification, etc.

Also, for the tuition rates for all these types of tutors, here are the tuition rates for all levels.

Online Resources

Other than letting tuition agency help you find qualified tutors to have face-to-face classes with your children, you can also have access to many useful resources on the internet.

Online tutoring resources

APPs helping with homework

There are many phone applications where students can post their questions and upload a picture of their homework. Then tutors or other students who are also using the app can share their solutions or suggestions by commenting your post.

Some of the common homework helping apps are listed here:

  • Photomath

  • Snapask

  • Ask.ManyTutors

  • iMath

  • Queri

This can be very useful and convenient if you just have few specific questions about your homework. It can allow you to get various responses for your question within a short period of time, instead of spending time in finding a tutor.

APPs helping with homework

But it also has shortcomings. For example, you may not know the ones who have answered your question, therefore, you cannot ensure whether their solution is correct or not. If you want to get trustable and qualified tutoring, you’d better seek for tuition agency’s help.

YouTube channels

YouTube learning channels

As the demand for learning many subjects well becomes increasingly high, students need to spend more and more time learning. Therefore, many online study channels have popped up. You can easily find tutoring videos with different teaching styles on the internet. This could be a convenient way to learn various subjects and concepts at any time at anywhere, if you have your own electronic device and are accustomed to using it.

Some of the channels are listed here:

  • Khan Academy:

    • Teaching Maths, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Arts and Humanities, etc.

    • Suitable for K1K2, secondary, junior students.

  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor

    • Teaching Chemistry, Maths, and Physics.

    • Suitable for secondary, junior, JC1, JC2, and Polytechnic students.

  • CrashCourse

    • Teaching Science, Maths with very engaging contents.

    • Suitable for secondary, junior, JC, polytechnic, and also university students.

  • Smrt English

    • Teaching intermediate English, academic English, etc.

    • Suitable for secondary, junior, university students

However, you may not find tutoring videos that directly follows your school schedule because the tutors posting videos have to suit the majorities’ tastes and levels. Also, if you are not familiar with internet, it may not work for you because all the videos are posted online. You have to register an account and subscribe those channels. Besides, letting your child use electronic devices all the time might harm their eyes and also distract them.

tutor doing video recording

You may have various ways of getting your child different types of tutors to meet your different needs. Among all these ways, tuition agency is still the most commonly-used one for Singapore parents to find tutors for their child, while with the development of internet, there may appear more reliable online resources in the future.

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