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The Journey of Finding Tutors with Mindworks


Once you find your children cannot keep up with their school teaching, or you want them to preview and prepare for the coming semester, or they need to go over the knowledge before exams, you may search on the internet and click through to our website. But what should you do next? Have no idea? Then keep reading and you’ll find the answer!

Click the "Request a Tutor" Button

Simply by clicking on the “Request a Tutor” button on our website, you can have a free consultation with us by calling +65 85000838 in our office time or requesting a phone call. Also, you can fill in and submit the online tutor request form via our website to let us know your needs. Then, we will get in touch with you and clarify your needs.

Shortlist Tutors

After verifying all your criteria of the tutors needed, we will communicate with the tutors, let the tutors know your requirements, arrange the possible timings for lessons, and shortlist the tutors who match your requirements. Usually, we will provide two or more tutors for you to choose from.

The possible criteria for tutors may be:

  • Level

  • Specific subjects

  • Days and timings

  • Frequency of lessons

  • Rates

  • Qualities

  • Any personal preferences

Conduct 3-Way Calls

phone calling with parents

If you would like to talk with the tutor before making decisions, we can offer you a 3-way call and help arrange the time. Therefore, you and the tutor can both get closer contact with each other, having a better understanding of each others’ characteristics and needs.

Pay for the Tuition Fee

singapore money

After we receive your confirmation message, you’re coming to the payment stage. We take the tuition fee of the first 2 weeks of lessons as our commission, hence, you don’t need to pay extra charges in engaging us.

After 2 weeks of lessons, you can make payment to the tutor directly for the tuition fee. You can discuss with the tutor about future payment method and frequency. If everything goes smoothly, then you can start a new journey with the tutor. You can always feel free to let us know if there's any further enquiry.


Now get clearer about the whole process? Then don’t hesitate to engage Mindworks!

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