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Looking for a Good Science Tutor in Singapore?

Exceling in science subjects will open good opportunities for your child.

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Looking for an excellent Science Tutor in Singapore? Send us a tutor request now!

Having a strong academic foundation in sciences will create lots of good career opportunities when one grows up. Moreover, as science and technology evolve, it’s becoming extremely important to learn science well nowadays. As such, the Ministry Of Education (MOE) has made Science such an important subject for almost every student in Singapore. In primary schools, every student must take science as a compulsory subject. Science is 25% of the total aggregate PSLE score. In Secondary School and Junior College (JC), over 90% of students take at least one science subjects, for their O levels and A-levels.

As more students are taking science subjects, the competition among them has also become more intense. Science home tuitions in Singapore (Chemistry tuition, Physics tuition, Biology tuition) are becoming more imperative as parents want their child to stand out among their peers.

Our home tuition agency is considered one of the most reliable science tuition agencies in Singapore.

We have a strong team of science tutors, who are well versed with the current MOE syllabus. We can provide primary science tuition, science tuition for secondary (Combined and Pure Physics Tuition, Chemistry Tuition, and Biology Tuition), IP Science tuition, science tuition for Junior Colleges (JC), polytechnics, university level, and even IB, IGSCE levels.

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Science Tutor for PSLE, O-Level and A-Level

Looking for a Science Home Tutor? Mindworks home Tuition Agency is the most reliable and trustworthy Science home tuition agency for finding Singapore science home tutors. We understand the importance of having a good science tutor for your child, so we will have a strict screening for all our tutors before recommending them to you. Most home tutors we will recommend to you have already received positive reviews from our existing parents.

Our team is always working hard to do all we can to make sure that our science home tutors are equipped with the abilities to help your child improve their science grades!

Sign up for our PSLE, O-Level (IP) or A-level Science tuition now! Our private Science tuition agency will find your child a suitable science home tutor within 24 hours!

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