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Why Online Private Tuition is better than Face-to-Face Home Tuition

Following the recent cluster of covid-19 cases along with the detection of the B.1.617 variant of the virus in Singapore, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has announced the closure of face-to-face classes in all primary, secondary and junior colleges from Wednesday, May 19, until the end of the school term. Group sizes have been reduced from five people to just two people, and only two unique visitors may enter a given household per day.

Scroll down to read: a comprehensive list of guidelines pertaining to students’ education during this period which is expected to remain in place until June 13, 2021 [updated by MOE on May 18, 3:40 pm]

During these times of unprecedented challenges, high-stress levels can negatively impact students’ performance. However, online private tuition may be just the help your child needs to outperform his/her peers. While the Ministry of Education strongly encourages all tuition and other enrichment classes to be moved online due to health and safety reasons, there are many other advantages of online private tuition.

Click here to read the advantages of conducting online private tuition for tutors

Developing 21st Century Competencies

MOE 21st Century Competencies infographic

During this time of rapid technological advancements, children must learn how to be good digital citizens.

Online one-to-one tuition provides the perfect outlet through which your children can develop 21st-century competencies such as high self-management skills, good self and social awareness, and learn to make responsible decisions as they are personally guided by a skilled tutor.

Specifically, online private tuition helps your child manage their time better by having a fixed routine to follow every day, despite shifting to online learning at school. Without the continuous presence of teachers during home-based learning, online tuition classes can help your child learn to delay gratification and become more accountable for their learning journey under the guidance of a learned mentor.

Such a skilled online tutor can help guide your child not only on a specific subject and its course material but also on good study skills and effective time management in an engaging and joyful manner.

This involves developing an understanding of internet safety, screen-time management, and building empathy in virtual environments. Such skills can be vital for their future careers. One Forbes article lists "Tech savviness" as one of five most important job skills for the future, and with online tuition, children from all age groups can become familiar with professional and academic uses of technology.

Enhanced Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a type of media literacy defined as the ability to access, analyse, and evaluate messages or create new ones in various forms. This includes skills such as quickly finding the correct information on digital platforms, sifting through data to find relevant content, critically assessing the credibility and validity of online data, and creating credible and reliable messages.

Online tuition can help your children learn how to:

What is digital literacy infographic

Use multimedia in academic/professional communication such as video-call lessons and email or text correspondence with their tutor.

Locate and interpret digital information through various online platforms and learning tools under the guidance of an expert.

Use the internet and other digital resources for accomplishing specific tasks such as researching and using sources outside of the classroom to facilitate their learning to develop digital scholarship.

Develop identity literacy by practising how to communicate with others online safely and securely.

Personalised Guidance: Safely

With a private online tutor, your child can seek help directly and receive the mentor's full attention to help overcome all learning obstacles. In such a one-to-one tuition setting, your child can have meaningful conversations with their tutor without the intrusion of other students safely.

Singaporean student is happy to study secondary physics

The best part of online private tuition is that the tutor can teach course material at a suitable pace for your child. Using the latest online learning tools, the tutor can make the material more engaging and easier to understand, providing your child with a learning environment that they truly enjoy.

Cost-effective help anytime, anywhere

Moreover, online private tuition is a cost-effective alternative to at-home private tuition. Removal of commuting time can allow for much greater flexibility in both the tutor's and your child's schedule so you can make the most out of your tuition experience.

For instance, online learning can allow tutors to provide more classes so your child can seek help more often, quickening their pace of growth. You may customise the duration of the classes according to your convenience, requesting 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1-hour sessions as opposed to the regular 2 hour-long ones.

Shorter lesson sizes may allow for deeper concentration, and with online tuition, you may optimise your child's learning experience based on his/her specific needs!

Based on our 6+ years of experience in this industry, the covid-19 pandemic has helped quickly usher in the next phase of learning by making the high-quality and cost-effective alternative to in-person private tuition accessible to all.

Make use of this opportunity to bargain and find the most qualified tutor at better prices. Stay ahead of the curve by booking an online tutor for your child today!

Request for an Online Private Tutor Now!

MindWorks agrees with Confucious when he has said, "education for all, without distinction".

Our team of coordinators work diligently to find the most qualified and credible tutors at the most affordable price.

Help us help you find the perfect online tutor who can support and guide your child during these challenging times - Fill out this form and receive a list of potential tutors in 24 hours!


Comprehensive List of guidelines regarding education and tuition during Singapore's Phase 2 - High Alert [as updated by MOE on May 18, 3:40 pm]

Primary, Secondary Schools and JC Colleges:

All face-to-face classes will remain suspended until the end of the school term on May 28.

All classes shall be moved online.

Private Tuition in Private Residences:

In-person private tuition or other enrichment classes have been suspended for students aged 18 or below from May 19, 2021, to June 13, 2021.

For classes with students aged age 18 or below:

The Ministry of Education requires suspension of all in-person tuition or other enrichment classes from May 19, 2021, to June 13, 2021 (both dates inclusive). Instead, MOE highly encourages switching to online modes of conducting private tuition.

For classes with students above age 18:

Classes for students aged 18 or above may continue in person, subject to current safety management regulations and procedures. These include but are not limited to:

Both tutors and students must wear masks during the lesson with reduced physical contact, maintaining a distance of at least 1 meters at all times.

Tutors may only visit up to two households per day and use SafeEntry for visitors to allow for contact tracing.

Tutors are encouraged to ensure masks are worn at all times, conduct temperature screening and health declarations for themselves and their students, keep a clear record to facilitate contact tracing, and disinfect surfaces between classes.

Click here and here for more information.

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