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How to Study Efficiently at Home?

a student is doing his homework

Because of the persistent pandemic situation, we have been working and studying from home for a very long time and even though currently things are turning better, this situation may recur in the future. We have to be accustomed to remote working and studying in order to keep our lives on track. Therefore, it’s necessary to know how to keep concentrated and study efficiently at home.

Here we’ll give you 6 tips to help increase your learning efficiency at home.

1. Set up a dedicated study place

a desk with laptop and flower

The environment can create cues for you so it’s important to zone your home according to your different requirements. If you do your homework and watch Netflix on the same table, this can leave your brain confused whether you want to relax or focus on your study. For example, you can set up a rule that you will only watch movies when sitting on the sofa and will only study when sitting in front of your desk. Then, each time you come to your study zone, your brain will soon get into a productive and focused state. Setting up an environment dedicated to learning can help you better adapt to the shift between relaxation and study.

Many Youtube influencers have also mentioned this point in their videos, for example, this one: tips for working /studying from home.

2. Dress yourself up

a student is tidying up her clothes

This doesn’t mean that you should put on your suits or any makeup, just make yourself different from when you are resting at home. Take off your pajamas, put on a jacket or something, and get yourself ready for study (just like what you do on every normal weekday) ! Clean yourself up will also help bring new energy. For example, washing your face or taking a bath, these can both wake your brain up and get ready for your study.

3. Give yourself a simple opening ceremony

a jar of lemon water for refeshment

It’s always hard to start, so give yourself an incentive and courage to start. The opening ceremony is like the power-up of a computer, telling your brain and body to prepare for studying. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Just get a bottle of freshly-squeezed honey lemon water prepared, tidy up your desktop, make a simple daily plan, and that would be enough.

4. Make your daily plan achievable

a calendar

We are all used to having a list of things to do each day according to our deadlines, but sometimes we give ourselves too many tasks in one single day, which may cause us a lot of stress. And these stresses may then cause us to procrastinate and study in a very low efficiency. Even though we believe we can make it, there are always emergencies. Therefore, it’s necessary to make our plan more achievable. Setting fewer goals and starting from the easiest ones can help us to be more motivated. allocate additional time, get you the momentum to continue

5. Discover your own rhythm

some paper with data pattern

There is a theory that our logical thinking and creative thinking fluctuate throughout the day, so we can keep track of how efficient we are at doing different things at the same time each morning, to figure out what types of tasks we feel better doing at what time of day. We can then schedule our daily tasks based on our habits and preferences, feeling better and doing things more efficiently. Your act is always based on your emotions.

6. Monitor yourself

a student is using her laptop

If you have your own mobile phone, it must have bothered you from time to time when you try to concentrate. A probable solution is that you can turn on the camera and put your phone in front of you to record a video of your whole studying process. Like this: STUDY WITH ME in JAPAN.

Doing so will not only keep you from being distracted by your phone, but also allows you to monitor your every move in real time. Whenever you get distracted or try to slack off, you can see yourself in the camera and will quickly refocus. Also, you can also choose to turn off your phone or turn on the airplane mode and set an alarm clock to avoid using your phone during your focus time.

Hopefully with the above tips, we can all be more adaptable to remote study mode that may recur in the uncertain future.

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