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Looking for effective IP Tuition in Singapore?

Our tutors are familiar with the special curriculum of the Integrated Programme (IP) syllabus and can give the right academic guidance to your child.

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We understand how difficult it can be to get the right home tutor who is acquainted with the IP School Syllabus in Singapore. Every parent in Singapore wants their kid to enter a distinguished Junior College (JC), and with the effective IP tuition, your kid can certainly tide with much better results through the difficult IP programme.

What if we told you that finding a home tutor who specialize in teaching your child's Integrated Programme (IP) is not as difficult as you think? Well, it's true. With one of the largest, most comprehensive IP home tutor databases, Mindworks Tuition can help you to find the right IP tutor whom you've been looking for.

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Knowing more about the (Integrated Programme) IP

The Integrated Program (IP) is an excellent programme for students who are academically strong in Singapore. The IP offers a six-year Secondary and Junior College (JC) education. It’s a great programme to enrich students’ learning. It aims to motivate students to think critically and learn effectively, and also focus on a holistic-development aspect.

Students who are offered the IP do not need to take the GCE-O Level examination. Instead, they will take the GCE A-levels examination after 6 years of study. As such, the IP gives students an excellent head-start in landing university admissions in Singapore and overseas.

There are only a few secondary schools offering the IP in Singapore. They are:

  • Catholic High School

  • Cedar Girls' Secondary School

  • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

  • Dunman High School

  • Hwa Chong Institution

  • Nanyang Girls' High School

  • National Junior College

  • Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)

  • Raffles Institution (Secondary)

  • River Valley High School

  • Singapore Chinese Girls' School

  • Temasek Junior College

  • Victoria School

Why IP Home Tuition in Singapore?

The IP is fantastic, but there are also many challenges. The IP is much harder than the mainsteam GCE O-levels syllabus. Every IP school has its unique and distinct syllabus. Moreover, IP students are also encouraged to study and learn themselves by their school. Furthermore, there are not many home tutors who specialize in teaching the IP syllabus in Singapore.

But do not panic, you have always been covered by Mindworks Tuition! We give parents a flexible and comfortable solution.


No matter your child attends Nanyang Girls School or even Temasek Junior College, we have experienced, and qualified IP home tutors specialize in teaching the IP syllabus and can help your child pass their IP internal exams and eventually excel in A-Levels examinations!

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Information about IP Subjects

Mindworks Tuition’s IP Tuition is designed to fit the timetable of your child and the IP syllabus of his / her school. We can help you find suitable home tutors for the following IP subjects:

  • IP English Tuition

  • IP Literature

  • IP Math Tuition

  • IP Chemistry Tuition

  • IP Physics Tuition

  • IP Biology

  • IP Chinese

In additional to recommending 1-to-1 home tutors for IP tuitions, We have our own IP group tuitions (Math, Chemistry and Physics) at Orchard Plaza. We gave customized group tuitions for IP students who attend the same IP class and use the same syllabus, so you can be rest assured that your kid will attend tailor-made and productive IP classes both in terms of the similarity and the depth of the material of the syllabus.

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At Mindworks Tuition, we focus on all our students ' success. We think that effective IP tuition is very important for IP student to help them achieve academic success and also do well in other areas of life. Our home tutors prepare every lesson whole-heartedly to help your child do well in school exams!

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