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Looking for History Tuition in Singapore?

History is definitely not an simple topic for humanities. Let our skilled tutors in history help love your kid and excel in the topic.

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Looking for Singapore History Tutor? Send us an application for a history tutor now!

Are you searching for tuition in history? You have arrived at the correct location! Our private tuition agency has hundreds of private tutors who can provide any mix of humanities: history/geography / social studies (SS), pure / combined education of humanities.

Whether your kid is taking mixed sciences (history/ss) at the O-levels or you are looking for H2 history tuition, give us your confidence and leave us your history task. Our method of signing up is super-easy. Send us a tutor request and you'll get an experienced history tutor for private 1-to-1 history tuition!

Having History as a Humanities Subject in O-Levels

Why does history matter? There's a lot of discussions that are more helpful about–past, present, or future. There is no doubt that without scientific advances our society would not have developed. In the present and future, however, keeping a good society needs careful consideration of the past.

History enables us to examine and learn from the errors of those who came before us, and to learn how to anticipate and build a better future. There should be no questioning of the significance of history.

Taking humanities at a young age enables young learners to connect with the present and the past, understanding why society is created in some respects, and gaining wider views on other cultures. To help your kid become a healthy, discerning, inquisitive, compassionate and knowledgeable adult in the future, these are all important.

If you are considering history tuition at O-levels, our team of skilled history tutors will be able to provide your kid with well-crafted history tutoring to assist your kid to achieve an interest in the topic matter and do well in their exams.

Private Home Tutors in the A-levels for H1/H2/H3 History

History is definitely not a simple topic for humanities. Once you're in Junior College (JC), the anticipated standard of learners from history is much greater. First, knowledge is anticipated to be available. Second, an understanding of historical problems critically. Third, the capacity to interpret sources and argue logically.

This includes the ability to memorize large amounts of historical facts and content, a deep understanding of the complexities of historical themes in different periods and societies, and the ability to write to present well-constructed essays.

A personal history tutor will come in handy with so many abilities required. Imagine where your kid will be without any external help, without an experienced tutor who will teach them how to walk? A nice tutor in humanities will teach your kid how to interpret information sources, generate mind maps, build adequate essays on history, and more. This will guarantee that your kid gets the most out of their history lessons and that they do well in their exams.


Sign up today for our IP, IB, O-Level or A-Level history tuition and give your child a unique learning opportunity they deserve! Our tuition agency will do our best to cater to your tutoring requirements and effectively match your child with a suitable history home tutor! For geography tuition, social studies tuition, and history tuition, we only provide the finest home tutors. Whether you're searching for humanities that are pure or mixed, need a male or female tutor, or prefer MOE humanities educators, we can satisfy your needs.

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