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Are you looking for an Economics home tutor in Singapore? Contact us now for more information!

Many JC1 students were astonished when they received their Econs results of mid-year examinations. They have studied hard for Econs but they didn’t understand why their answers could not get satisfactory scores. Learning Economics is not easy at the beginning because it is a new subject for most students. Even for IB students, the majority of them will only learn Economics during year 11 and 12.

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Introduction to Economics for JC, IB, A-levels in Singapore

Economics is the social science that studies the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations, when they manage or use scarce resources, which have alternative uses, to achieve desired ends. Simply speaking, Economics is the study of how society uses its limited resources.

Economics has two main categories: microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics studies the behaviours of how individuals and companies make decisions to allocate their limited resources and the interactions among these individuals and companies. Macroeconomics emphasizes on national wide phenomena which are explained by indicators such as inflation, CPI (Consumer Price Index), GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Unemployment Rate, Interest Rates, etc. Common Economics topics include market failure, Production Possibility Curve, demand and supply, government subsidy, inflation, exchange rate policy, etc.

Common Struggles of A-Level JC and IB Students in Economics

How familiar are you with the topics we listed above? Do you understand those topics well? Most students cannot understand economic terms such as “market failure” and “opportunity cost” because they can’t relate them to real life important examples. They may also find the contents boring and monotonous at the beginning as the lecture notes are full of definitions. As a result, these students did not understand how to apply the economic definitions they learnt as key phrases to illustrate the questions in the exam.

As such, there are two main reasons of why most students cannot learn JC Economics well. Firstly, they cannot understand the relevant economic concepts. Secondly, they don’t know how to write Econs essays to score effectively.

Since over 90% of local students in Singapore only begin to learn Economics at Junior Colleage (JC) or IB levels, majority of them are afraid of this subject and think that Economics is a very difficult subject. Though JC Economics and IB Economics are both advanced subjects, you can learn Economics well with proper guidance and hard work.


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IB, A-level JC Economics Answering Techniques

The biggest challenge students taking JC Economics or IB Economics face is the answering techniques and essay writing skills. A level and IB Economics has two main sections: Case Study Questions and Essay Questions.

Students must learn many exam skills like reading and understanding case studies, analysing graphs and find trends from the quantitative data table. The challenge is to most students, they are inexperienced with these exam answering techniques. Though they spend a lot of time on revising their Economic topics and try their best to write as much as they can for their Economics essays. Very few students can score well in Economics without proper techniques.

Tutors for IB, A-level JC Economics Tuition

To get a satisfactory grade in Economics, it is crucial have an experienced Economics tutor who not only have a strong foundation in JC Economics (get an A in A level Economics), but also has rich experience in guiding weak students to excel in this subject.

Mindworks Home Tuition Agency has a diverse team of JC Economics and IB Econmics tutors, from undergraduates who came from Top JCs, Ecnomics Major from NUS, NTU and SMU, experienced full-time tutors who are result driven and reliable, and even MOE JC Economics lecturers. Our tutors can you’re your child get an in-depth understanding of every Economics topic and learns how to write their answers and Econs essays in a structural manner.

If you need an Economics tutor, please give us a call now at 85000358!

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