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Looking for Chinese Home Tuition in Singapore?

Our experienced and patient Chinese home tutors can help you do well in PSLE, O level, A level or IB Chinese.

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Looking for Chinese 1-to-1 home tuition in Singapore? Send us a tutor request now!

Do you want your child to overcome the fear of the Chinese language and master this subject? Are you looking for an experienced, patient home tutor who knows the MOE Chinese syllabus well? Mindworks Tuition is one of the most reliable Chinese Home Tuition Agency in Singapore. We have a wide range of home tutors who can tutor PSLE, O level, A level, IB Chinese. We will meet all your needs!

A Private Chinese Home Tutor Is Important in Singapore

Every local student who takes Chinese as their mother tongue subject must pass Chinese in order to proceed to a higher level of education. Realizing that Chinese is becoming one of the most influential languages in the world, many students of other races also take Chinese as their second language in local schools now. The competition in this subject has risen in primary school, secondary school and Junior College over the years.

We have a competitive team of Chinese home tutors, from undergraduate and part-time home tutors, who have a strong foundation in Chinese to full-time home tutors and MOE teachers, who have rich experience in teaching Chinese in tuition centres and local schools.

They know the local school syllabus well and can teach Chinese language (Mandarin) to all levels from kindergarten, primary school Chinese (P1 to P6) to secondary school (S1 to S4) and Junior college H1/H2 Chinese. We can get the most affordable home tuition rates from our home tutors.

Don’t hesitate! Send us a 1-to-1 private Chinese tutor request today!

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