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Urgently Need AEIS Home Tuition In Singapore?

Our AEIS home tutors have experience in helping international students preparing for their AEIS exams

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Looking for Singapore's AEIS Tuition? You have arrived at the correct location. Mindworks Tuition offers home tutors with AEIS syllabus experience. Our tutors can travel anywhere in Singapore to your location and provide your kid with 1-to-1 coaching to ensure that he or she is fully ready to pass the AEIS exam.

Your kid must be given adequate advice and understand what to expect in terms of the AEIS syllabus and examination norms, which differ from their home nation. Our local tutors are specialized in both English and Math, so they can assist teach your kid the local norms and bring them up to speed.

Whether for the short term only for the AEIS test or for the long term (to continue even after your kid makes it into a local school), we will be happy to help you with your requirements and provide you with an appropriate, qualified home teacher for AEIS.

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What is AEIS?

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is an annual examination for global learners who wish to enter local mainstream main or secondary schools in Singapore organized by the Ministry of Education (MOE). To acquire a placement in a local college, all global students are needed to pass the AEIS exam.

According to the MOE website, the procedure for AEIS admission follows 5 steps:

  1. Documents submitted for AEIS implementation

  2. Receive proof of admission for your

  3. Exam. Take the Primary / Secondary

  4. AEIS exam. View your online result

  5. Report to college if successful

The Singapore AEIS test, which takes place around the beginning of October only once a year, is evaluated in just two topics: English and Math. Applicants are evaluated primarily on mathematical skills and English literacy in the AEIS exam. There are also eight distinct levels from Primary 2 to Secondary 3, with growing difficulty levels depending on the level you apply for.

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Why AEIS Tuition in Singapore?

It is essential to note that Singapore's education system is commonly regarded as strict and competitive. For candidates coming from home nations where the education system is not as demanding, the AEIS exam may prove too hard.

A local AEIS tutor in Singapore, who is experienced in the AEIS syllabus and marking standards, has numerous advantages. An experienced tutor will be able to guide your kid by using the right format and technique to answer test questions. So, you're not going to have to worry about your kid using the wrong method(s) to answer questions and lose marks.

In addition, our most experienced AEIS tutors have comprehensive AEIS preparation courses for both English and Math, prepared specifically for international students with different backgrounds and abilities. You will also most likely be able to obtain AEIS preparatory papers from your tutor to enable your child to practice.

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We firmly think you will never be able to prepare enough for your AEIS exam. Every year, hundreds of learners fail the AEIS exam owing to a variety of factors ranging from ill-preparedness to cultural shock. Benjamin Franklin once said,' You're going to fail by failing to prepare. Indeed, one may wonder how many of these failing learners might have gone if they had a devoted personal tutor's advantage and assist.

At Mindworks Tuition, we only engage skilled and reliable AEIS tutors who will be successful in giving your baby their best. It is a good idea to give AEIS private tuition a try at their present affordable prices if you plan to let your child take the AEIS exam. At the end of the day, they will also benefit from the expertise acquired from their tuition in the long run whatever route they choose!

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