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Looking For A Level Home Tuition In Singapore?

If you are struggling with your academic work in JC, you are at the right place! Our team can recommend you qualified A level home tutors to catch up your schoolwork in no time!

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Do you urgently need a home tutor familiar with A level syllabus in Singapore?
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The Singapore-Cambridge GCE (Advanced Level) Examination, known as A-levels, is taken place from November to December (written exams) every year in Singapore. Students take the A-level exams as a Junior College (JC) student or a private candidate.

Having JC tuition is necessary due to the hectic schedule, content-intensive syllabus and highly competitive environment faced by all A level students. Moreover, in Junior College (JC), the lessons are conducted in lecture styles with tutorials. Most students have difficulty adapting into this learning style; therefore, they could easily fall behind their peers. Some students also have other types of commitments such as CCAs, competitions and CIP volunteer work. As such, they really must spend their time wisely and study effectively. One effective solution is to seek help from a home tutor who did well in A level and has rich A level home tutoring experience.

If your son or your daughter is struggling with schoolwork in JC, we highly advise you to seek immediate A-level tuition help. The A level course has only 2 years, yet students need to learn many topics in every subject. It will be very challenging for them to catch up once they fall behind.

Mindworks home tuition agency has a large team of qualified and experienced A-level home tutors, which cover subjects of H1 GP, H2 Mathematics, H1/H2 Physics, H1/H2 Chemistry, H1/H2 Biology, H1/H2 Economics, H1/H2 History, H1/H2 Literature, H1/H2 Chinese, H1/H2 Geography, H2 Accounting and even H2 Management of Business.

Our tutor enquiry is free, and our tuition coordinators will make sure to find a A-level home tutor who can meet your tutoring requirements.

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We have A-level tutors ranging from undergraduate tutors, graduate part-time tutors (scoring A in the subjects they tutored and have high percentile in their Preliminary Exams), graduate full-time tutors and MOE tutors who have been tutoring A level subjects for more than 5 years and have proven results!

We can cater to your budget with one of the most affordable A level tuition rates in Singapore. Our A level tuition rates are one of the most affordable not only because our team is actively recruiting new home tutors to our tuition agency, but also we understand the market trend and can negotiate the best tuition rates for you.

Find A-Level Tutors Today! Simply fill in our online tutor request form or contact us at 85000358!

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