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Looking for Home Tuition Assignments In Singapore?

Please fill in the tutor registration form below to become our home tutor. 

When there are suitable home tuition assignments, our tuition coordinators will contact you immediately.

“I am thankful for Mindworks' coordinators for their efficient coordination. They have helped me fill up my available slots in 1 month. ” - Wimmi

 Tips in signing up as a Tutor

Kindly take note of the following points when filling in the form; this will help increase our success rate of referring you to the parents.

  • Enter only your accurate information.

  • Enter your home address, so we can refer you home tuition assignments near your home.

  • Select only the subjects you are most experienced in tutoring.

  • Write down all your relevant tutoring experience (i.e. how many students you are teaching now, including their academic level and subjects, and your students’ grade improvement) in the description column.

Tutor Registration Form


You can also use our latest system to submit your information to increase the chance of finding a suitable assignment.

Coverage Area
Level(s) to Teach
Pre-School Subjects
Primary Subjects
Secondary Subjects
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IB/IGCSE Subjects
Diploma/Degree Subjects
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