About Payment

This page is about the payment methods to Mindworks Tuition Agency

Payment Method(s):
bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, Cheque:

Payee Name: Mindworks Academy Pte Ltd
Bank Details: DBS Current Account 0189043410
Address: Orchard Plaza #04-34, 150 Orchard Rd S238841

Additional Bank Details (If needed):
DBS Bank, 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Centre, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 003

Questions On Payment?

✓Our service is completely free for our clients.

However, you must facilitate the process for us to claim the commission on the tutor. Mindworks Tuition’s agent fee on the tutor is generally 50% of the 1st month of tutor fees.

✓You are required to make payment within three days of stated due date.

Once the assignment’s details such as schedule, rate, and first lesson is confirmed, our tuition coordinator in contact with you will send you an official invoice via email with the confirmation and payment details. You are required to then make payment within three days of the stated due date.

✓Once you have made the payment, SMS your agent and an official receipt will be sent to you by email.

We strive to provide quality service and hope our clients reciprocate. It is thus important to complete the payment on time, so that we can have a good long-term partnership.

✓Upon confirmation, there is a binding contract to complete one minimum lesson.

After the first lesson, if you are not satisfied with the tutor, Mindworks Tuition will gladly offer to either:
a) Find a replacement immediately.
b) Cancel the Tutor.
You will be required to pay the pro-rated commission payment accordingly.

Note: Unethical clients may be subjected to the following:

a) Administrative fees for reminders and costs incurred in trying to cover your debt
b) Sharing of personal information to all partnering tuition agencies.
b) Lawsuit & Tribunal of Small Claims.
c) Filing Police Report.
d) Passing the invoice to private debt collectors.
e) Blacklisting including releasing your full particulars online.

Disclaimer: This page is intended to support the information provided in the FAQ section. It is highly recommended that you read the FAQ section in addition to this page. You may also consider reading our Terms and Conditions for full information.