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Our skilled tutors in social studies will deepen modern problems and assist you in building a greater knowledge and accountability for society.

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Looking for tuition in social studies? You got to the correct tuition agency! Our home tuition agency has many extremely qualified private tutors who specialize in tutoring topics of humanities including history, geography and social studies.

While you are searching for a mixed history / ss or mixed geography / ss, or even pure humanities, Mindworks Tuition can fulfil your requirements and assist you find tuition at home. We earn tuition tasks on a regular basis for history, geography and social studies, so it's not a issue at all.

Forget about mischievous tuition centers for social research. Our tutoring-request method for social research is super-easy. Take less than 3 minutes and get a tutor for personal 1-to-1 social studies tuition singapore halfway there!

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How a Social Studies Tutor Can Help Your Child Improve

By now, you should have noticed the significance for your kid of social studies and the fact that social studies are an significant topic that can be examined. In social studies, it is crucial and very helpful for your kid to be able to be good as it will significantly benefit him or her.

The best way to comprehend social studies is by engaging a personal teacher of humanities who can guide your kid through efficient social studies tuition in the topics he or she is taking. A skilled ss tutor is not only acquainted with the curriculum of social studies, but also with the recent problems concerning our society. He or she will also possess excellent teaching skills to be able to come up with effective social studies lesson plans and courses. In fact, some tutors also mix in various fun aspects such as social studies games or quizzes to make learning more fun.

With a nice tutor in social studies who can also teach history and geography, your kid is set to do well for their O-level examinations in his humanities topics.

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Latest Social Studies Tuition Rates in Singapore

Level / Tutor Experience Part-Time Tutor Full-Time Tutor School Teachers
Lower Secondary $25-35 $35-45 $60-70
Upper Secondary $30-40 $45-50 $65-80
Junior College $50-60 $60-75 $90-120
International School $30-50 $40-60 $70-90

Secondary IB, O Level Social Studies Tuition in Singapore

Finally, did you decide to try our tuition program for social research? We only provide home tutors for your kid with the most skilled social research. Our tutors are going through a process of in-house choice and shortlisting to get you the best.

With our big pool of tutors of humanities, we provide you with geography tuition, tuition of social studies, history tuition and more. From undergraduates, to full-time humanities tuition teachers, we 're confident of meeting your tutoring requirements.

Mindworks Tuition is your trusted tuition agency for social studies in Singapore. All our home tuition customers are highly valued, and we strive to match you with the most affordable, competent and honest tutors so you can have a excellent home tuition experience.

Wait, don't wait. Sign up for our social studies and other academic topics IP, IB, or O-Level tuition today. Give your kid the chance to grow and learn! Be ensured that our tuition agency will do all we can to meet your tutoring needs and assist you find the finest tuition in Singapore for social research!

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