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You're struggling in GP to do well? Have you not done well in your exams despite your best efforts? Scoring 'S ' or ' U ' consistently, even though in your GCE O'Levels you managed to get an ' A? '

Make sure you're not alone! Many learners entering Junior College (JC) are unpleasantly amazed at General Paper's (GP), the replacement for English, level of difficulty. Unfortunately, at the A-Level exams in Singapore, GP is a mandatory H1 educational topic–all students at JCs and Millennia Institute must be evaluated in GP, except those studying Knowledge and Inquiry (KI)!

You've come to the correct location if you're searching for a good GP tuition in Singapore. Mindworks Tuition only offers experienced and inexpensive GP tutors who are experienced in offering you with JC GP Tuition.

Usually, these private 1-to-1 home tuition sessions are more useful than GP tuition centers, where student courses are packed. Make an application for a free GP tutor today and we will contact you to find out what you need. Within a few hours you can begin your own personal GP tuition!

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Why A GP Tutor Is Better Than GP Tuition Centres

Having a personal general paper tutor will give the tutor the opportunity to spend more time with the tutee personally, go through their prevalent errors and tendencies in writing general paper essays and doing comprehension projects.

Another area where the content is really helped by an outstanding general paper tuition professor. A excellent private GP teacher can share their own personal content booklets, imparting precious understanding and data nuggets that the student can write down on summary cards to readily recall to score well in their GP essays.

A personal GP tutor will be able to work stuff rapidly with your kid in learning how to do well for GP comprehensions, assisting him or her to achieve a strong mastery – much quicker than a 40-student tuition center.

Best GP Tuition Rates in Singapore

Tutor Level / Experience Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutor (Non-MOE) Ex/Current MOE Tutors
JC 1 $50-60 $60-70 $90-110
JC 2 $55-65 $65-80 $100-120

The teacher-to-student ratio is still often about 1-to-20 or more despite having lower tutorial courses. Mindworks Tuition strongly thinks in the efficiency of JC home tuition to offer your child the competitive edge to secure a university position.

We give skilled JC home tutors from part-time tutors to full-time NIE tutors who are equipped to assist your kid end their fight with A levels. They are cross-checked and competitive in their prices. We strive to deliver the smallest JC prices in Singapore to our tutees.

Most Reliable A-Level GP Tuition Agency in Singapore

Looking for a GP tuition at the A-level? Do not wait any longer, as failing GP could deny your chances of entering local universities.

With our experienced gp tutors who are not going to disappoint, we give the finest GP courses in Singapore. Our GP educators also provide all levels of English tuition.

With prices beginning at $40 per hour, ask us today for a gp tutor! We're going to get your tutor in a day.

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