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Why One-to-One English Home Tuitions Are Important In Singapore?

Our society provides kids with a large amount of exposure to English, especially through media. Although large exposure to English helps kids to acquire knowledge in an incidental manner, grammatical mistakes, mispronunciations in Singlish seriously influences kids’ English proficiency. Unconsciously, kids use Singlish not only in daily communication but also in formal assignments and examinations. The improper use in English emerges the huge demand on private English tutor. Since kids are individually different in their learning abilities and learning performance, one-to-one tuition allows tutors to fully cater for your kid’s learning needs in English. Depending on your kid’s learning situation, the private tutor will utilize suitable teaching method and materials to help in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading comprehension, exam techniques.

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The necessity of learning English

  • English is a compulsory subject in examinations.

    In Singapore, most of the students learn English since they are in level 1. English is a compulsory subject in PSLE, O-level to A level. The grade in English is determinant in every important learning stage, for example, streaming, college admission.

  • Good English is necessary in other subjects.

    English is closely correlated to the learning of other subjects since English is used as the language of instruction in all level of education. Comprehensive language skills in English is highly demanded to understand teachers’ instruction or read academic materials. Strong command of English is significant advantage for students to achieve distinct performance in academic career.

  • English is an official medium of communication.

    In a multicultural society like Singapore, English is important to bridge people together. It comes to be a must for kids to be equipped with proficient English. Good English can help your kids benefit from better communication in the global world. With broader connections with others, your children would have more opportunities to enrich their career and personal life.

We are a professional tuition agency with a team of experienced and committed tutors across Singapore. We have a wide range of tutor, including poly/ undergraduate tutors, graduate part-time/ full-time tutors and ex/current teachers, to fulfil your tutoring requirements on experiences, budget, qualifications.

Also, we are always happy to chat with our tutors and get feedback from our parents. Hence, we are quite familiar with our tutors’ experiences and qualifications. They not only have excellent English results but also can commit improvement for your child in PSLE, O-Level or A-Level English.

Our experienced home tutors will reinforce standard English by adopting methods and materials that can fit in your kid’s learning style.

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