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1-to-1 Chemistry Home Tuition in Singapore

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More than 75% of Secondary School students in Singapore take Chemistry as one of their core subjects for N level, O level examinations. Depending on their ability to cope with the subject, students can take either Combined Science (Chemistry) or Pure Chemistry.

Many students who struggle with Chemistry find this subject difficult because they are not comfortable with memorizing a lot of chemical formulas and concepts. Moreover, they lack the ability to apply relevant Chemistry concepts in the application questions. When answering a Chemistry question, they are not familiar with the relevant keywords and therefore, they cannot score those application questions well.

Therefore, it is important to find an experienced and reliable chemistry tutor to teach your child how to improve their chemistry grades. Our tuition agency can provide you with experienced chemistry tutors who can teach your child any chemistry topic – acids, bases and salts, chemical reactions, metals, organic chemistry, etc. Additionally, our science tutors can provide tuition for not just chemistry but also physics tuition and biology tuition.

Our chemistry tutors are familiar with the most updated MOE syllabus, from Secondary Combined Chemistry or Pure Chemistry, IP Chemistry to IB and JC H1/H2 Chemistry. Learning from an experienced chemistry tutor during a 1-to-1 home tuition is usually more effective than chemistry tuitions at tuition centers because student will benefit more from the effective 1-to-1 guidance. Request a chemistry home tutor from us now!

Why Chemistry Tuition in Singapore is Necessary

Having a good chemistry tutor will ensure that your child keep up with the fast pace of O level and A level studies, so they have a better chance of standing out from the rest of the cohort. Your child can rely on our chemistry tutors who have scored A1/A2 in O level Chemistry and an A in A Level Chemistry.

Our experienced chemistry tutors will teach your child how to learn Chemistry effectively. They will teach their experience in solving different types of chemistry questions to your child and break down the complicated Chemistry concepts into small chunks so your child can remember them more efficiently. Some of our Chemistry tutors even have their special methods of memorizing chemistry concepts.

Having a good grade in O level and A level Chemistry is extremely important because it will build a good foundation for your child to learn advanced Chemistry courses in tertiary education.

Whether you need O-Level, A-Level, JC, H1/H2, IB or IP Chemistry Tuition, Mindworks home tuition agency can provide you with the most suitable home tutors to match your child. Send us a tutor request and our friendly tuition coordinators will happily contact you soon to help you with your private tuition needs!

If you need a Chemistry tutor, please give us a call now at 85000358 for qualified, reliable Chemistry home tutors!

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