FAQ for Tutors

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After understanding client’s criteria and needs, we will sort out suitable tutors from our database. Then we will send an SMS to these tutors.

We will also post some of our tuition assignments on our [ Facebook Page]. You may ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ our page in order to stay updated on the latest tuition assignments.

Also, by replying often and having a good record, you will increase your chances. We prioritize tutors who have previously completed assignments with us and have shown good conduct. Sometimes clients would ask for reviews and feedback from your previous assignments.

The below are the list of reasons that might explain why you are not getting a response or successfully getting an assignment.

  • Applying for assignments that are not available Due to overwhelming responses from our tutors, we typically take 2-48 hours before we match the assignment successfully. We do suggest you to apply quickly for latest assignments.

  • Applying for unsuitable assignments A lot of assignments clearly indicate certain requirements e.g Ex/Current MOE Tutors or female only. If you do not belong that the right category and you apply for it, you will not receive any reply.

  • Quoting a rate higher than the given range We do understand that you are confident in your qualifications and experience, however quoting outside of the given budget range may also result in receiving no reply from us as our clients would usually prefer those who can fit their budget.

  • You might have been blacklisted by Mindworks Mindworks will not notify you for being blacklisted due to certain reasons such as bad attitudes towards both the parent and our coordinators, or unsatisfactory conducts* as reflected by clients.

*Here are some areas where conducts are monitored and resulted in tutor being blacklisted:

  • Punctuality: Tutors ought to be punctual for every lesson. In the event of accidents, both Mindworks and the client should be informed as soon as possible. Do avoid last minute notifications.

  • Responsibility: Tutors who stopped tuition directly without obtaining consent from the parent will be considered irresponsible.

  • Professionalism: Tutors have to concentrate on the lesson at hand. Kindly keep your mobile phone on silent mode for the duration of the lesson.

  • Dressing: Tutors should dress appropriately for the lesson. Clients have the right to reject a tutor based on their dressing.

  • Any attempt to skip payment of the commission, failure to pay for the commission or unreasonable demands will result in the termination of your tutor account and you will be barred from future registration

  • Any submission of false or inaccurate information - whether intentional or otherwise - which may mislead Mindworks and clients, will not be tolerated.

Mindworks take the tuition fee of the first 2 weeks of active lessons as commission. Thereafter, you will earn the full amount of tuition fees. We will collect our commission from the client directly, and you will collect your remaining fees directly from the client from the 3rd week of active lessons onwards.

If the tuition does not last for at least 4 weeks, we will adjust the commission and transfer your share to you.

Tutors found to have tried to evade the agreed-upon commission will be blacklisted and we will claim our rightful commission through the Tribunal of Small Claims. We may also report offenders to the Police.

For full details about how commission works, please refer to our [Commision Policy].

Tutors are expected to conduct their lessons in accordance to the student’s needs.Mindworks does not monitor your teaching methods. However, clients reserve the right to cancel the tuition after any number of lessons. Mindworks will as well ask for feedback from clients when necessary. Tutors may purchase extra study materials is allowed but it should be consulted with the student beforehand and agreed upon by the student.

Tutors are expected to be committed for the length of period that has been agreed upon between the tutor and the tutee.. If there is no specified length, the minimum commitment is 1 month. Tutors are not legally bound under contract to complete any number of months.

However, our tuition agency expects tutors to behave responsibly and with integrity otherwise risking being blacklisted. We will review case-by-case and take appropriate action.

Once you have given a written (SMS, whatsapp message, email) confirmation to take up the assignment in quote, we expect you to complete at least 4 weeks of lessons. Changes are only allowed at least 24 hours in advance to the first lesson’s date.

Clients shall inform the tutor if a postponement or cancellation of a particular is needed. If the tutor is only informed less than 24 hours away to the start time of the lesson, the client shall be liable to pay for the full fee of the lesson.

You shall as well inform the client if a postponement or cancellation of a particular lesson is needed on your side. If the client is only informed less than 24 hours away to the start time of the lesson, and result in cancellation of the assignment, you will be liable for the commission stated on the confirmation letter or otherwise you will be blacklisted by Mindworks.

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